Official EXCELSIOR! Releases

ebbs_123.lhaThis is the full version 1.23 release package. It contains the full BBS along with Trapdoor Fidonet Mailer, Installer and Programmers Pack.
bbs_key.lhaRegistered sysop key file generated for community use.
Place this in your main bbs directory.
emanual.pdfThe original user manual scanned in to a pdf document.
E122PPack.lhaDoor Programmers Pack. Contains C headers and examples.
backgrounds.lhaTwo E! Related desktop background patterns in iff format.
Pegged11D.lhaA Fun and Addictive Puzzle Game for E!

Third Party Plugins, Utilities and Doors

These files were originally uploaded to E!Net, Excelsior's own fido style network.
The original look of the bbs listing with the file_id.diz display has been has been preserved for fun. More files can be found on Aminet in the comm/bbs directory.

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Utils & Doors

A2I_v11.LHA 59718 Converts ANSI text files to IPL text A2M_v11.LHA 59437 Converts ANSI to MCI. ACMEAction.lha 9978 Arexx action editor that allows usersto swap actions from personnal lists. Acted_Source.lha 5531 C source code for the action editor. Action103.lha 11525 ACME BBS Action Editor (Allows for IPL colors, etc.) Modified 12/9/94 by Roger Clark to support Action Previews as well as Bold and Underline attributes. AddSig.lha 1789 Select from any number of signatures. aedv137.lha 47723 Online editor for DLG and others AgUPgr12.LZX 5653 Access Group Updater V1.2E! Updates users to another AG if he passes sysops defined limits. amitag13.lha 32419 Ami-TAG v1.3 - Tagline adder setup for E! Announcer.lha 2940 THE ANNOUNCER v1.0 - An Excelsior! BBS AREXX script that will announce users login and logoff through the computer's speakers. Requires Amiga speech utilities. AnsiPack-Rip.lha 50004 ________ /^ .^\ _ _______ | ) | ^\ px /^ .^\ \__________/ ) |/^\( )| ___| ,\ . | |. \____/ /^. \_ .| / .|\_- .\ |( | , |/ | \_________/\________/ \________/ [Justice Ansi] [August 1, 1994 -- Release #1] Phaser-X Justice 1994 ANSITEST.lha 1725 Displays ANSI screen to test ANSI output apicons.LHA 12417 A collection of RIP icons. ArcProc120.lha 12218 Archive viewing arexx script for excelsior. AT_AmiTAG12.lha 32156 Ami-TAG v1.2 - Tagline Adder for E! avail07.lha 10943 dlg chat base99a.lha 54031 BBBase16.lha 70329 BBS List Database for TA and Metro bbsguard203.lha 7651 bbs rebooter BBSHQ14-.LHA 13474 BBS lister Paragon Door BBSLM21.LZH 10376 Another BBS lister door for Paragon bbsmod201.lha 9787 Yet another English file modifier CLIutility. bgard125.lha 12838 Boardgaurd BBS rebooter BigHandle.lha 2392 Prints a users hanle in BIG letters bs_menus.lha 3557 Nice Arexx Global command menus or E! bs_t&d.lha 3824 Top upload/download list maker inArexx CAL.LHA 11399 200 year calender Paragon door. calbint7.lha 37287 callback door for StarNet caller-id01.lha 32807 Mad Scientist's caller ID for DLG.Includes Arexx script for Supra v32.bis caller11.LHA 12035 Paragon last callers door with C source code. callers4_0.LHA 14993 V4.0 - Updated 8/18/94 By: Glenn J. Schworak (503) 581-6524 A wonderful last caller list with two bar graphs for system activity. One the daily calls and one for monthly calls to your system. Always fits the user's screen! Graphs for tracking Daily, Monthly, Baud, Line usage, and now unlimited last user tracking! Also accesses the X-fers program if you use it on your system. CDA.lha 13848 CD-ROM Doorway for Excelsior!. Version 1.1c prerelease. Read docs! (MiSt-CDA)V1.1) chcktxt.lha 13812 English file update utility incompiled Arexx. chknum10.lha 11461 Check userlog for duplicate phone numbers. cid.LHA 24198 Caller ID for the Supra Fax modem. ClChat49.LZX 91357 Clott202.LZX 12618 ---- Callers Lottery V2.02 for E! ---- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * a unusual gamble/login door for E! * - users can win download creds at logon - 2 different gamble modes - User can choose to join game or not - The sysop has big Config possibilitys cmpeng30.lha 56340 Compare English v3.0 - Another BBSenglish file update utility. Compiled A compareenglish.lha 4005 Compares and changes Excelsior!English files for installing updates. Continue11.lha 3850 "Press Any Key To Continue" animation for E! BBS's. Supports all TERM emulations and screen widths. Another program brought to you by Fragmented BBS (509) 926-5507.... dms-script.lha 31539 E! DMS file_id Extractor/Converter. E!-Yell.LHA 3157 Sysop pager in Arexx for Excelsior! E!-Yell.lzh 3845 V1.8 - By Glenn J. Schworak e!bigclk20.lha 5393 E!BigClock V2.0 (By Ken Rath) - An ARexx E!BigClkV12.lha 4227 E!BigClock V1.2 (By Ken Rath) - An ARexx door designed for Excelsior! BBS. This door will display the current time in a large number format to the user. This version contains minor bug fixes. E!Birth12eng.lha 3831 Excelsior Birthdays V1.2ENG - Shows Birthday info to the User & some stats. E!diz10.lha 4899 E! File_id.diz Support for: dms,lzx,lha,zip,exe,gif,txt ! E!Inet-Mail.lha 533695 E!Inet-Mail 1.0 -- Setup SMTP Mail on your E! BBS. E!LC12.lha 10808 E! Lastcaller v1.2 - Nodelist Support, in/out going calls, records ALL calls. E!LC12B.lha 10276 Excelsior! Last Callers V1.2B E!MailMast11.lha 58432 Online Areafix/Raid V1.1 for Excelsior! [Swedish & English versions] E!Mail_v1.00.lha 63818 E!Mail v1.00 (c) 1996 BitPlane Enterprises ============================================ E!Mail is a frontend script for E! Fidonet systems that use a gateway system for their Internet email. E!Mail_v1.01.lha 63861 E!Mail v1.00 (c) 1996 BitPlane Enterprises ============================================ E!Mail is a frontend script for E! Fidonet systems that use a gateway system for their Internet email. e!main.lha 1919 Change the 2 line main menu help prompt to anything you want easily E!Main19.lha 3602 _________________________ <___ ________ ________ > E!Main V1.9 / // __ // // __ // / / // / / // // /_/ // / By: Neo-Dinian / // <_/ // // __ // <__ <_/<_____// /<_/ <_/<_____> 1:232/316 ________/ \_____________________________ <_________________________________________> E!MemberShip.LZX 5375 [MemberShip Request Door] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- V2.0 Demo will be available end of April 95 Contact the below for any upgrade options -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- This File imported by The Nut Factory BBS Official oZZie Excelsior Support Site Call +61 821-1946 2400 -> 14400 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- /X\ Nut Factory BBS /X\ (02) 821-1946 /X\ E!Menus.lha 12140 Arexx menu system for E! E!News1195.lha 4603 Excelsior! News 11-95 NEW! newsletter for Registered E! Sysops. E!newtic.lha 16281 Tic Message sender by Gary Colligan E!RandLogon.LHA 3172 Random Logon Screens. E!RawDL.LZX 11217 Excelsior! Raw Download Tool. Version 1.1. use ReqTools Requesters to select files for users!!! E!Rom1.00.lha 297260 E!Rom1.01.lha 83604 E!Rom1.01a.lha 18660 E!Rom17BITcfgs.lha 42592 17Bit A,B,C configs for E!Rom ver1.00 e!romconfig1.01.lha 7385 e!romconfig1.02.lha 7792 E!romDPG1.lha 94152 E!rom Configfiles for: DPG 1 E!romGalore.lha 56965 E!rom Configfiles for: GIFS GALORE E!RomGoldFish.lha 412157 E!Rom configfiles for: GoldFish1-Apr94 BBS directory. Un-lha to launcher directory. Includes INDEX file. E!romKFant2.lha 22349 E!rom Configfiles for: Keyhole Fantasys 2 E!RomNOPV16.lha 585654 E!Rom configs for NightOwl 16. Icludes E!RomSimtel_2.lha 344632 E!Rom configfiles for: Simtel 2. Includes INDEX file. Un-lha to launcher directory. E!romSolar.lha 20275 E!rom Configfiles for: Our Solar System e!rom_Pixs.lha 34328 IFF pixs of screens of e!rom, E! CD door E!sendfile.lha 28335 GUI ver of Dopus sendfile by Jay Britton E!sendfile101.lha 2528 ver 1.01 (bug fix) GUI ver of Dopus sendfile by Jay Britton E!sendfile102.lha 28660 Update to E!SendFile ver1.2 E!_CH101.LZX 2227 Excelsior! Top Chat v1.01 Creates a Top XX list of the longest chats made with Sysop! E!_CPS10.LZX 2976 Excelsior! Top Cps v1.0 The Ultimate Top Cps Utility for Any E! bbs! E-LfV10.lha 11439 E! Logfile Viewer 1.0 - Comfortable LogFile E-SBox_10.lha 3427 A suggestion box for E! EasyMenu.LHA 15153 Little utility to make expert and novice menus easier to edit. EasyMenu.lzh 15836 Move the STANDARD and EXPERT menus to disk Ecallers.lha 16108 another last callers script. EchoDescribe.LHA 9943 V1.0 - By: Glenn J. Schworak This program will read most echo list files and use the info to fill in XMAIL's descriptions. CLI only. Instructions are in the program. Execute to read the docs. ECLOCK1_1.LHA 3853 Shows the current local time in BIG numbers - Arexx door. EFortune.LhA 15721 Fortune quoter for Excelsior with E source code. EFU_05.lha 15822 GUI English file update utility, remembers changes you made the last time. elc_v21.lha 9090 Excelsior last callers v2.1 ENP_V10.lha 35022 Excelsior! News Printer esg_v01.lha 3961 E! Statistics Generator EVC215.lha 31408 Excelsior Virus Checker CLI door shareware partially crippled. ewall10.lha 24270 Arexx last callers door. excallers.lha 1695 Arexx last callers door for Excelsior! ExCD_Man11.lha 21336 Updated and complete docs for ExCD EXCD_V11.lha 105240 CD-ROM access door excelpoll.lha 13951 Good voting booth door. excelutillib36.lha 18627 excelutil.library V3.6 Pre release, incl doc/source and examples. ExcelUtils.lha 78696 Several utilities that the authors have released into the PD excel_utils.lha 19848 Several small usefull utilities for use with excelsior! ExTell10.lha 9190 Like Trap Tell, Addresses Master's arexx port e_cps_graph.lha 3402 Graphs CPS speed after file transfersand keeps a database of best speeds. e_lastmsg.lha 3853 Lets callers send a one line messageto the next caller at logoff. e_person.lha 5660 Another user personality profile doorin Arexx. e_score.lha 5727 E! Doors for Up/DownLoading Scores E_TaggerV13.lha 23056 Random TAG file generator for E! fax-it-3.lha 37380 FAX-IT V3.0 -*- By: Glenn J. SchworakThis program will allow your users tosend FBBSL100.LHA 17977 Yet another Paragon BBS lister door. fdchk24.lha 70354 dms checker with dlg scripts Fdupe11.lha 7502 Find Dupes v1.11 - AmigaDos program to find dupes anywhere. FeedSort.LHA 1221 Short ARexx script to sort the feeds in XConfig's Site Config Window (Ever notice there is no SORT button on that one??). You must restart Master for the changes to take effect. - Roger Clark 12/17/94 FFServ10.lha 10662 Excelsior! Free File Server v1.0 FFServe11.lha 11246 Excelsior! Free File Server v1.1 Configureable file server allowing free downloads of BBS file lists, RIP icons, etc. filefind.LHA 29767 FileFind V2.0 - By Glenn J. Schworak - Works with most mail processors! - Uses SEEN-BY: and PATH: now! - Can be configured to AUTO FREQ updates! This program will do what AllFix does on IBM systems. It will monitor message areas and when a file search request comes through it will process the request, send a reply if files are found, and increase the activity on your system by advertising. FileList_Server.lha 3219 E! FileList Server V1.0 FileServer1-2.lha 5496 E! FileServer V1.2 FilmFlubs23.lha 20266 Film Flubs 2.3 - Some small bug fixes... FixAddress10.lha 4032 FixAddress v1.0 repairs netmails that xmail has corrupted. foyers16.lha 12784 select multiple bbses from frontend GenerateSIG.LhA 4369 Generates default message signatures. gfreq24.lha 74709 GoldFreq a Fidonet compatibel file request server. Gnapp12eng.lha 44486 .----------------------------------------. | Gnapp Smurfens - Report Generator v1.2 | | sends the user a report for deleted | | files | `----------------------------------------' gwall.lha 4600 dlg arexx graffiti wall INet-Files.lzh 19718 V1.0 - By Glenn J. Schworak inprlink.LHA 6542 C source code example for Starnet. IPLRead.LhA 10249 Read IPL files in the CLI itf165.lha 93153 Infocom Task Force - Use Infocom games as online doors. JABChat.lha 27452 Nice Paragon split screen chat. jc_100e.lha 27453 Paragon/Starnet chat door jexlib33.lha 14697 joy_excel.library v33.11 - 030-version joycd10a.lha 60420 JoyCD v1.0a - Excelsior alike CD-ROM door with Changer supprort, and much more! JoyLst11d.LHA 96326 File lister util jpfsh131.lha 15685 Online door for reading the Fred Fish aquarium database. LastUser.LhA 2307 Arexx last caller comments and quotedoors for excelsior. LClogoff.lha 2746 Last caller arexx door to run at Leechers.lha 2352 Graphical Representation of a users Download ratio. lgcall12.lha 4871 Log CallerID Version 1.2 for E! Requires Trapdoor. Log CallerID, Validate Users, and block out phone numbers. LIFE.LHA 9345 Life expectancy door for Paragon/Starnet. LogBrowser.LHA 2290 Logfile Browser for E! LogBrowser102.LHA 2815 Logfile Browser v1.02 for E! Logs.LHA 1480 Arexx script to read Excelsior! logs. MailWarn.lha 3811 Warns user at log on - if ZMH is getting close - that they will be dumped off that line at a certain time. ARexx. MasterIcons.lzh 2179 Match10.lha 24488 MatchMaker version 1.0 for Excelsior! BBS Copyright 1995 by Rod Schnell An Excelsior door designed to help users make friends or find romantic partners. Excelsior is required, MatchMaker -WILL NOT- run with any other BBS software. mcimkr13.lha 13176 Utility program to make simple MCI bbs files. MDB_1.1.LZX 5839 MDB_1.2Upd.LZX 5373 megacps4.lha 42821 CPS Rate in BIG numbers Mercury114.LHA 131959 Mercury v1.14 - Advanced File List Generator mercury115.lha 142895 Mercury v1.15 - Advanced File List Generator -------------------------------------------- Mercury supports Excelsior! CNet and DLG specific file comments, as well as AmigaDOS filenotes for use in the file descriptions. Mercury can also generate AmigaGuide style file lists, and these lists can allow the reader to generate file requests at the click of a button. ML118E!.LZX 8574 Multi-Lotto V1.18 E!: A Gamble door that let users gamble with their download creds. By Conny Ankargren ModuleManager.LhA 4940 File download utility written inArexx. Molested.lha 20025 Modified text files. Molested2.lha 39568 Modified ENGLISH and Text files for Excelsior! Molested3ish.lha 3003 Modified main menu. MQuotes.lha 21277 More Quotes for Quotes command mr.lha 2942 Make Raw console for some doors MrChat125.LHA 20376 Split Screen Chat for any BBS mtlogon1.lha 4875 Logon util with more! new check, ansi etc(Update, bug fixed and much improved) NetDialer201.lha 3763 ARexx dialing script for your Polling. NScan015.lha 12847 Node Scan v.015 (update), an E! front end for QuickNS (included in this archive) num101.lha 3831 Next User Message v1.o1 by Lord Adrenaline ^ Reboot A nice door for Excelsior! BBS nup.lha 2435 New user password thingy? oitd100a.lha 65261 Order It v1.00 The on-line BBS store door!! pager120.lha 61269 Split screen chat and pager - CRIPPLED- quits after one minute. PARABBS.LHA 21504 Paragon BBS lister door. pchat20.lha 45855 Paragon split screen chat door. PI.lha 3897 Personal Info V1.0 By: Glenn J. Schworak Easily edit your PLAN file! PIC-CONVERT.LZH 16900 Uses ADPro to convert pictures for users while they are online ProtoSort.lha 1154 QSilver137.LHA 218977 Quick Silver v1.37 - FidoNet File Request Server Quotable.lha 17250 2 more quotes files Quotes.LHA 22131 Quote printer for any BBS reminder10.lha 15664 Message to next user Arexx door. rick_rex.lha 89258 a few dlg arexx doors RoT_BaseMod.lha 15951 Early beta version of a GUImessage/filebase editor. RoT_BaseMod100.lha 5891 Allows you to put a timelock onselected message bases. RoT_Logon201.lha 23905 Terrific logon door! Highly configurable by both sysop and users. RoT_TopUsers110E.lha 16714 Another great RoT door. Generates a bunch of Top User lists very quickly. RoT_Vote032E.lha 41161 RoT Vote a very nice and highly configurable voting booth door. SBBS121.LHA 18042 Another paragon BBS lister door. ScrollerCD_1b.lha 51469 STR.ScrollerCD.rexx - Multiple CDDrives. Configurable! ScrollerCD_5.lha 50359 STR.ScrollerCD Release 5 - Many New Features! ScrollerCD_51.lha 57331 STR.ScrollerCD Release 5.1 sdoorlib.LHA 83833 Stardoor.library with a bunch of sample C source code. SetCalls.lha 8045 Changes Total Calls variable in SystemData file - DOS program. SetSys11.lha 12548 Changes values in Excelsior SystemData. SrtExp10.lha 9259 Sort Exports v1.0 by Rod Schnell STR.Utilities.lha 104768 ST/R Utilities Package Release 1. Includes FileScrollerFB and CD. A Top10 list maker for almost everything! Completely replaces Mega_ANSI_CPS!!!! Also has a configurable Logon Manager. str.utilities3.lha 120068 ST/R Utilities Package Release 3. Bugs fixed, code changed, new features! STR.LShow.rexx on the fly top 10 lists. STR.LogDL.rexx Top 10 Downloads. Uploads. STR.UUDec.lha 42522 Version 1.0 - Decodes all files in a newsgroup. Supports Macintosh BinHex v4.0 and Excelsior! BBS Message Areas. Sv121k.lha 33600 Swedish language file for E! v1.21k - if you have other languages, hatch em! TBank10.lha 7836 Timebank v1.0 Excelsior C door. TBank11.lha 7996 Timebank v1.1 bugfix. TBank12.lha 8292 Excelsior! Timebank v1.2 by Rod Schnell TCFG23.LHA 101945 TrapConfig V.2.3. Best Trapdoor configuration editor to date... TConf22.LHA 100176 TrapConfig 2.2 - GUI config editor for TrapDoor 1.83+ tcp-pack.lha 10807 Useful items to help tie E! into the Internet tdbase1b.lha 16822 Database door for Paragon. TDClk203.lha 18568 TDClick 2.03 - Configurable button menus by Elton VonCannon tdial13.lha 14011 Trapdoor Dialer in rexx. TheWall_12.lha 5662 The Wall v1.2, (by Mike Hall) TheWall_121.lha 5699 The Wall v1.21, (by Mike Hall) timebank100.lha 11283 Excelsior! time bank door, uses built-in time bank data from Excelsior! TJKBBSL.LHA 22737 BBS Lister door for Starnet. TrimLog.LhA 6950 Trims Excelsior! caller log. Doesn't work with v1.8 TrimLog1_1.LhA 4871 TrimLog version 1.1 TWall112.lha 10816 T H E W A L L v1.12 for Excelsior! BBS TWall113.lha 10951 The Wall v1.13 Excelsior grafitti wall. TWALLE19.lha 11755 The Wall v1.9 By Rod Schnell udirm10.lha 3883 User directory maintenance v1.0 updat100.lha 7437 Another CLI utility to update theEnglish file. UpdateEnglish104.LhA 5327 CLI utility to update the English filefor new versions. UpE!.LHA 15670 Another update English utility UpE!.lzh 16060 The BEST E! language file updater UProfile.lha 9589 Excelsior! user profile arexx door usage101.lha 9035 Generates a nice BBS usage graph. UserDisplay.lha 1566 Add this simple USER STATS display to your TEXT.WELCOME.USER text. userlist.lha 8264 CLI user lister for Excelsior! -crippleware. UserStat15.lha 2351 Cool user status display. utext101.lha 7113 Update text v1.01 - Updates youlanguage files. viewit.lha 6560 Allows you to view pics from Excelsior! during a local logon. vised105.lha 133743 ANSI editor for Excelsior! WABL!.LHA 39594 March WorldWide Amiga BBS List WALL.LHA 24928 The Best Internet Wall Door. wall100.lha 24992 Usenet wall v1.00 wofconfig61e.lha 9870 Config and Maint modules only for Wheel wtc1_4E!.LHA 3158 -:-:- World Time Clock v 1.4 -:-:- Xcel-Edit113D.lha 16953 Xcel-Edit version 1.13 alternate editor. Crippled shareware. Xcel-Edit114D.lha 12221 Xcel-Edit version 1.14D works with E!version 1.16 and up. Xcel-EditDIC.lha 151567 Dictionary for Excel-Edit. xfile_v4.lha 5276 Arexx prg INDEX > Files.BBS Trans! E! XPath.lha 8978 Set paths to fido echos witout killig them xpwd200.lha 19151 Password Setter/Checker for Excelsior! BBS zm103.lha 180648 Infocomm game interpreter runs from CLI. zmhrexx.lha 3070 Arexx script resets user time remaining for ZMH - run from shell or cron.

RIP Stuff

pcicns.lha 117883 545 icons, a little bit of everything ripbbs.LHA 15615 Sample RIP scripts from an IBM BBS ripicons.LHA 8082 More RIP icons. ripmenum.lha 13838 Create RIP Menus easily ripsc154.LHA 77477 RIP script specifications. wildmanicn.lha 181886 Some BIG .icn files, neat ones though. xemrip_11.lha 128290 Add this to any term program that supports external protocols (like TERM) and you suddnely have a RIP term!! Fast!


1&5s11E!.lha 9672 Simple Dice game. ARexx. E! Converted acmud220.lha 586752 Amiga Circle MUD version 2.20 source codeand data files. andro.lha 41427 AndroFight Paragon MechForce game door. assas21e2.lha 103870 Assassin v2.1E2 for Excelsior. A couple minor changes. ATriviaV10.lha 177215 Great Trivia game. From Jolly Roger. AWAR2-3.LHA 84102 ANSI Warriors v2.3 lots of small bug fixes. BBS-Downs330.LHA 19184 Place your bets at the track... BBSdowns20.lha 7727 Arexx horse racing game door BJACK10.LHA 11302 Paragon Black Jack game door. btlship.LHA 25470 Battleship game cast105.lha 38241 Castle Dungeon circ_030.lha 343407 Circle MUD v2.20 excutables compiled for030. You still need main archive! copv10.lha 40177 City of Parish CyberFrontier110.lha 219351 Cyber Frontiers dd2const.lha 23418 Double Daggers II construction tools. ddaggermain.lha 4590 Double Daggers II main files. TheseareREQUIRED by ddagger2.lha DEATHV2.LHA 12915 Paragon Game of Death, time gambling door Diamond.lha 37278 Diamond Breaker diamond1.1.lha 32163 dikued.lha 128485 Diku MUD editor works with Circle MUD. dse201.lha 98690 A good Space Empire version 2.01 severalbugfixes. DS_1_96.lha + ______ _____+_____ ______ + || || || || || \ || || ||-- ||-- ||____/ + ||___|| ||___ ||___ || + + DeepSpace Version 1.96! DOS Support BBS (509) 926-5507 Multi-Player/Node Space BBS Door Now with RIP Grafics! ds_2.lha 269777 DeepSpace version 2.0! (DOS) DUN-E!23.lha 561744 DUNGEON V2.3 _ _ _ _ |__________________ <_]_X_X_X|_________________/ | @ 719-576-8664 3D Move And Play D&D Style Game. By Daniel Bateman Bushmaster BBS Freq Latest Version "DUNGEON-E!" From 1:128/159 BUSHMASTER BBS. DUN-E-23fw.lha 809054 The full registered version Released as FreeWare on 17 Sept 95. DUND-2.0-E!.lha 104136 eightmen.lha 5674 Puzzle game - Dos door. Empire2.00.LHA 108905 empire23w1.lha 238734 World Empire CLI BBS game door version 2.3part 1 of 2. empire23w2.lha 227560 World Empire BBS game door v2.3 part 2of 2. EPP_Preview.lha 70408 Demo screen grabs of a shareware Arexx Excelsior door. eps_v20.lha 12500 E! Poker Solitaire v2.0 excalibur1.0a.lha 19545 ezone112.lha 28379 Electronic Match Maker - Encounter Zone E_LORDS_0.6c.lha 220672 fallout2.lha 3956 Game door in Arexx for Excelsior! food120.lha 119966 Foodfight v1.20 football20.lha 236696 Online Football Version 2.0 Should run on fwfish10e.lha 20687 Freshwater Fishing Simulator v1.0E all known bugs fixed. Geopolitik!.LhA 62578 Geopolitik! Arexx game door forExcelsior! globalwar_2.20.lha 87814 guts110.lha 5315 Guts! version 1.10 a dice game door basedupon Craps, Arexx door. GW118D.LHA 65914 Global War BBS game door. Starnet/Paragon version 1.8D gw220.lha 88056 Global War v2.20 GWIIv2.17.LHA 74697 Global Wars II - Release 30-3-95 Bug Fix. h&s22.lha 212050 Hack & Slash game door for any BBS. hack55E.lha 68535 Hacker v5.5e HAM.LHA 16063 Hammurabi Paragon/Starnet game door. HANG110.LHA 15512 HangMan game door for Paragon/Starnet.Written in assembler. HANGV1.LHA 8915 Another Paragon/Starnet Hangman door. HollySquare.lha 20139 Hollywood Squares Trvia Game HorseRacing318b.lha 16878 BBS Downs version 3.18b Arexx gamedoor for Excelsior! INTCHS57.LHA 26309 Inter-User Chess for Paragon/Starnet. JBPSNK20.lha 22264 JBPSnake v2.0 cli game door for any BBS. Kickbox1.0b.LHA 12852 LIFE.LHA 9345 Life expectancy door for Paragon/Starnet. loid202a.lha 99798 Lords of Irongate v2.02 - Quest for the Orb! +------------------------------------------+ EXCELLENT BBS ADVENTURE DOOR. Amiga VERSION Will run on any BBS system which accepts standard CLI/DOS type doors including: DLG, C-NET, Excelsior!, World Wide BBS, etc... This is the freely distributable version. | . . . + . - - An Enchanted Software production . . mafia1.lha 58035 online door like chicagogangland mafiaud.lha 42156 bugfix for mafia cli game door MASEMP36.LHA 23712 Master Empire version 3.6 Arexx game doorfor Paragon/Starnet. MCHESS11.LHA 26596 Online multi player chess door for Paragon. MIDNIGHT.LHA 13813 Midnight madness a game based on MILLD2.lha 61553 Millennium - Best War online game - HatchedbyMyth & Magic BBS MIND14.LHA 12081 Mastermind game door. mmotel13.lha 56527 Muder Motel Action Game mse_2.0.lha 93854 mse_240.lha 191749 Master Space Empire - Final ReleasedVersion MultiPlay.98D.lha 50280 NES2.lha 9923 The Never Ending Story - Paragon door. nw12.lha 33842 nuclear war v1.2 OTHELLO.LHA 7940 Othello Paragon game door. pand104.lha 174055 ******************************************* * P A N D E M O N I U M v1.04 * * A multi-player game for * * Amiga BBS Systems * ******************************************* poker_v1.lha 9199 Good poker game ripslide.lha 11069 100% RIP bbs door; DOS type RPGBBS1.lha 371958 RPGBBS Disk1 RPGBBS2.lha 301710 RPGBBS Disk 2 RPGBBS3.lha 354255 RPGBBS Disk 3 se41.lha 72570 space empire v4.1 citidal door (cli) Ship_Hunt238_E!.lha 8213 shogun.lha 35136 slots13.lha 13730 Nice dos slot machine game door soa12ex.lha 149360 Spirit of Adventure v1.2 - Excelsior conversion done by Rod Schnell. spacedoor.LHA 81569 CLI game door. ss11.lha 113273 Street Surgeon game door in compiled Arexx. stel300.lha 25609 Stellar war v3.00 for dlg STREKII.LHA 34176 StarTrek game in Arexx for Starnet. TdWar33E.lha 95475 Tradewars v3.3E Arexx space trading/fighting game Excelsior conversion by Rod Schnell TIS107.lha 148190 The Immortal Struggle v1.07 tis125.lha 175386 Towers11.lha 6142 The Towers of Hanoi V1.1 tradewar.lha 96203 Tradewars v3.3 in Arexx for Starnet TRIVIA-S.LHA 19141 Trivia door for Paragon with C source code TSLOT.lha 2800 Slot machine to gamble time online -Arexx. uwars100.lha 121309 vb10.lha 3807 Voting booth v 1.0 wanderx3.lha 43710 Wanderer game CLI game door. WORDSCRM.LHA 10824 Word Scramble - a Paragon game door. xassassin2.lha 73216 xbj19.lha 19416 Blackjack casino. Good game. YachtZee.lha 7981 Exellent version of the dice game. ygv99e.lha 15094 Young Guns Arexx game door forExcelsior! Yup27E.lha 27566 Yuppie Wars version 2.7E Excelsior! version by: Rod Schnell YupWars.lha 28005 Yuppie Wars Arexx game door. Excelsior! conversion by Rod Schnell. zerkv1r.lha 38473 Release version of Zerk.