About E!

Excelsior! is a full featured BBS system that operates in a dynamic environment of data structures. Like the Amiga executive, Excelsior! is very flexible and open-ended by eliminating artificial boundaries on internal data. It supports as many lines as you want. Whether that's 2, 100 or more.

Feature highlights include:

  • Local and Fidonet network message and email system.
  • Usenet message and email import/export.
  • XLink allows multiple BBS' to link up, share resources and allow cross-user interaction.
  • Programmer's interface for third party extensions, utilities and online games.
  • Local RIPScript graphical interface display.
  • Full Amiga GUI for system setup, maintenance, and real time sysop control.


Excelsior bbs was originally written by Thomas Deitz and Ronald Kushner between 1991 and 1995. In late '95 the software was purchased by AmiCom! which is comprised of Larry Bowers (Business Manager), Jeff Fink (Documentation & Tech Support) and Jay Britton (Developer).
The last version of the software was 1.23 released on March 15th 1997.